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Welcome to the MCCH Motivation Web Site.

MCCH's Motivation┬« software is more than a web site, it is a complete online health promotion system with over a dozen high-powered tools to help you ramp up your personal wellness program. 

Uniquely Powerful Health Promotion Technology

Motivation is highly interactive and offers a variety of services for your personal health promotion program:

  • Comprehensive Health Risk Appraisal
    • Starts with a series of medical screening questions
    • Finishes with BSDI's long-established lifestyle assessment questions:
      • Physical activity
      • Diet and Weight
      • Substance Use
      • Psychological and Social Health
    • Provides you with a detailed "plan for action" once completed.
  • Personal Health Coach 
    • A Health Coach will assist you in starting and maintaining your personal Wellness Plan
    • The Health Coach can work with you in person, over the telephone or via electronic communication depending on your preference.
  • Fun and motivating online incentive programs
    • You can track your progress right online
    • Earn points for:
      • Activities logged,
      • Classes or special programs completed,
      • or any other lifestyle-related activity
  • You can also:
    • Log your workouts and track progress
    • Receive workouts (with Pictures & Descriptions)
    • Communicate with staff members
    • Track Weight Over Time
    • Enter Blood Pressure Values
    • Use Motivation's True Age, Nutrition Analysis, and Osteoporosis Risk tools
    • Enter personal data in logs (e.g. a glucose log for a diabetic)
    • Read Online Health and Fitness Articles

For additional information, email or call at 762-1832.

NOTE: All material and information presented by this site is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.

This Health Promotion Software is Copyright © 2015 BSDI.  All Rights Reserved.   Version: 12.12.00, DB: 120. BSDI-WEB3V

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